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Kangaroo - Videogame by Sun Electronics
Game uses the same Audio Regulator II board as most other Atari games of this era . There are 3 VAPS members with extra Kangaroo circuit boards for sale.

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The Elektron Forge Parts Page. Atari Regulator Audio Boards. Tested and working Atari Regulator/Audio and Regulator/Audio II boards, with a 30-day warranty .

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Pinx's Atari Black Widow Project
Atari's Gravitar was released in June of 1982 and was by alot of peoples standards . i like to acquire the cabs either 1. missing bits 2. as a box of parts or 3. not working. . This is Atari's Audio Regulator pcb (pic on left) and it controls alot of the .

Atari Gauntlet TM-284 1st Printing
If you suspect interference from an ATARI® game at your location, check the following: . Figure 5-10 Regulator/Audio III Printed-Circuit Board Assembly .[Op%20&%20Parts]%20[English].pdf

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Wanted: Atari Regulator/Audio III Board - Classifieds - Deals
Archived from groups: (More info?) Need a Atari Regulator/Audio III Board, part A043046-01 B, for a .

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How to Bullet proof Atari's AR2 (ARII) including the sense mod.
How to rebuild " Bullet proof " Atari's Audio Regulator pcb (AR II) including the . The first jumper wire i am going to add is from pin 6 to pin 3, if you look at the .

Elektron Forge AR Application Guide
Aug 19, 2005 . Atari Regulator/Audio Application Guide. (C) 2005, Elektron Forge - All Rights Reserved. Eliminate the guesswork! Use this guide to identify .

Game boards for sale - PCB
System 3/4 Sound PCB $60. System 6/7 Sound . Atari Asteroids Deluxe main video game board: CPU board . Atari AR II (audio/regulator) boards: Here is a .

Operation, Maintenance ice Manual
3. Gear Shifter Maintenance and Repair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 . Regulator/Audio ll PCB Schematic Diagram . . maintenance problem, call Tele- Help” at the Atari Customer Service office . Atari Coin-Op Customer Service .

Operators Manual
I/O and Sound Microprocessor, RAM, Sound Effects, and Address Decoder . . System I“ Regulator/Audio III PCB. Schematic Diagram. ATARI'. Q A wamar .[Schematic%20Package]%20[English].pdf

The Real Bob Roberts Quick Order Tool
55kuf25volt CG cap 2 1/2" D x 3"Factory Fresh Batch In Stock Now 56K, $15.00 . LM305 Atari audio/regulator bds - USE SUB BELOW Same Regulator .

Atari Audio Reg 3.pdf
Gauntlet. Illustrated Parts Lists. REGULATOR. Figure 5-10 Regulator/Audio III Printed-Circuit Board Assembly. A04304601 C. 5-32 .


Atari Tempest Schematic.pdf - VectorVGA
1981 Atari, Inc. . Adjust variable resistor R8 on the Regulator/Audio ll. 3. Connect a voltmeter between + 5 . Regulator Audio ll PCB Schematic (035435- 02 E) .